>R.I.P John Nash, A Beautiful Mind

Here is my tribute to one of the geniuses of the century, whose contribution to Game Theory made a significant optimisation in autonomous decision-making in systems of systems.

I’ve utilised Nash Equilibrium theory for non-cooperative games in wirelss sensor networks mainly for detecting intrusion and optimal resource allocation.  I’ve been fascinated at how useful his theory becomes when there is significant limitations in communicating decesions amongst network peers. Due to resource constraints of sensor networks, it is highly inefficient to share nodes’ operational parameters with other peers thorughout the networks. Therefor it becomes extremely difficult to make decesions with network-wide knowledge of the other peers whilst taking into account their choices and functional preferences. That is why having a mechanism to make decesions solely based on maintaining or maxmising one’s own benefit is ideal.  

Nash had other theorems based on the role of money in society that clearly states people can reason irrationally when motivated by money. Although it may seem quite impractical, he had also made suggestions regarding a new form of global monetary system called “industrial consumption price index” to gain people’s trust. 

May he rest in peace