>mbed OS 5 with integrated RTOS is out!

mbed OS now incorporates an RTOS in the core of the operating system, which can be summarised into the following enhancements: 

  •  Native thread support to the OS and applications
  • Simplifications of the networking stacks and components integration
  • Enabling blocking and non-blocking execution mechanisms 
  • Reduced overhead required by the RTOS
  • Event-driven model can be integrated into threads as libraries

This integration brings together the original mbed OS 2 and mbed OS 3 codelines, re-basing and merging the two development lines into one platform. It is worth mentioning that mbed already contained an RTOS, which was/is based on RTX implementation of CMSIS. However, the integration of CMSIS, peripherals and user code was too complex. 

More information can be found on mbed website