>Java ME Embedded is now available on Intel Galileo Gen 2

Great news for Java ME developers:

  • Java ME 8.3 with plenty of new features including full CLDC 8 APIs is now available from Oracle.
  • Java ME is now supported on new develpoment boards including Galileo Gen 2 and STM 32F746G dicovery as develpoer previews.
  • Preiew for Galileo Gen 2 includes MEEP 8 javax.microedition.power and event.
  • Support for Watchdog timer is included for Gen 2.
  • GCF 8 includes TLS v1.2 and HTTPS.

Some of those features are definitely steered towards power management and security, specifically for IoT applications. Galileo Gen 2 is based on Intel Quark SoC X1000, which offers a number of enhancements compared to the original Galileo.

More information about the features and how to get started can be found at Java ME portal.