>Fitbit Pool Party!

Fitbit held a somewhat luxurious event at Haymarket hotel this evening, launching its new Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 smart watch/band.

Charge 2 is a combination of HR and Charge with added GPS support, in a more stylish form factor like a smartwatch.

Despite the fact that the whole event was around a pool with many aquatic fantasies, Charge 2, like its predecessor, is not waterproof. 

Only Flex 2, which is a smartband, is waterproof but lacks GPS, hear-rate and obviously display. 

Charge 2 comes with a variety of accessory bands, in two classic and Luxe collections with special editions in Rose Gold casing.  

Fitbit Charge 2 provides a very accurate sleep-tracking and comes with SmartTrack capability, which recognises exercise activities automatically. Other interesting features include reminders to move and guided breathing sessions like the one on Apple Watch OS 3. 
With 80% of US and a quarter of global  marketshares for wearables, Fitbit seems to be moving in the right track. My judgement is purely based on their categorical simplification. In other words, they seem to be narrowing down their flagships into 2 main categories of Charge and Flex, silently downplaying the Surge, which is a chunky version of Charge and definitely not an impressive product.